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As I recently learned, any site that doesn't link to anywhere is a dead end, a road that leads nowhere and where people can at best do a U-turn. So I decided to add a section for links, where you can explore other places vibrant with self-made creations like mine. Below you can find a list of all my Net Neighbours, personal sites and other smallweb archives that I advise you to take a look at!

🇪🇺 In English:

Alina Leonova - Belarusian indie scifi author, reviewer and more

GusBus Space - Prompt-generation bot that helps artists make art

Lost Letters - The first example of smallweb I ran into!

Irradiate Space - Another skilled worldbuilder with freely downloadable stories

Bookring with other authors, readers and book lovers

Half Earth - Clifi writing project (chapters in textform, no downloads required)

Hermitbug's characters, art and stories

Peter Parket turned anarcho-communist and gives out stickers

Kettu - German hacker who makes music, poems, art and more!

International Telegram channel with solarpunks discussing anything

Revolt channel with solarpunks discussing anything

🌇 Solar-powered:

Solar-powered site with servers/panels all over the world (sometimes offline depending on weather)

Solar-powered server hosting games (coming soon!)

Lowtech webring - More nerds who work towards a sustainable internet!

🇮🇹 In Italiano:

🇮🇹 Cheat Code - Zine di Livello Segreto che raccoglie storie, articoli, videogiochi e idee. Iscrizioni aperte a tutti, unitevi!

Collettivo Culturale Tuttomondo - Arte, cultura, poesia e lettura indipendente

Novilunio Edizioni - aspiranti autori che condividono storie, prompt e recensioni di nuove uscite

Scartafaccio - Appassionata di fantascienza che recensisce e organizza contest di scrittura.

Giardinopunk - Blog eco-anarco-queer gestito dal Collettivo Contesto

Zulianis - Blog personale solarpunk di Zulianis

Bobo - Audioblog metaqueerpolitico di Margherita Redigonga, dottoranda in economia all'Università di Torino

Katy Blacksmith - Sito personale di una scrittrice di fantascienza piemontese

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Make me your neighbour too!

If you want to add me to your Net Neighbours’ list, make sure you contact me so I can reciprocate! Here are some banners you can use:

A Neolithic person building a tent, blending into a generation ship A Neolithic person building a tent, blending into a generation ship
            <a href="https://clockwooork.github.io"><img src="banner2.png" alt="A Neolithic person building a tent, blending into a generation ship" width="88" height="31"></a>

Do you know existing webrings about scifi and writing projects I should be a part of? Contact me! I would like to join as many as possible and meet more likeminded people!

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