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What is Solarpunk?

I could try explaining it with my own words (I have way too many on the topic), but that would take way longer than any story you can find on this page. Instead, I will point you to Andrew Sage's short video that really captures the core of the artistic and political movement that wants a better world (🇮🇹 con sottotitoli in italiano!):

Currently, short stories are downloadable in PDF format only. I am considering having links to text pages from which they can be read more easily, but at the same time I would like to avoid AI scraping. Please send me a message if you have suggestions or specific requests and I'll try to accommodate them as best as I can. Stories should be for everyone.

Flash Fiction

[May 2024] NEW! 🇮🇹 Martedì // 🇪🇺 Tuesday

How does the average Tuesday look like in a Solarpunk Piemonte?

[Mar 2024] 🇮🇹 Oblificazione // 🇪🇺 Oblification

Archaeologists strive to preserve the past. Oblificators seek to erase it.

[Dec 2023] 🇮🇹 Fuori dal Coro // 🇪🇺 Out of Tune

While empires argue at the Congress of Vienna, citizens of would-be Europe dream of a better continent.

[Oct 2023] 🇮🇹 Io Ero Lì // 🇪🇺 I Was There

The police is going to hunt the activists down, unless I can show them who the real culprit was.

[Jun 2023] 🇮🇹 Mi Dai una Mano? // 🇪🇺 Can You Help Me?

How do we convince people to build an alternative to capitalism?

[Jun 2023] 🇮🇹 Riflessi // 🇪🇺 Sunlight

Even without humans, the Greenhouse keeps nursing the flora inside it.

[Sep 2022] 🇮🇹 Fior d'Acqua // 🇪🇺 Sprinkle Bloom

A desperate travel across the desert to find something more than a recipient.

[Feb 2022] 🇮🇹 Gigante Nero // 🇪🇺 Smoke Titan

Collective action brings a ray of hope among dreadful future scenarios.

Short Stories

[Jun 2024] NEW! 🇪🇺 Meteorina

A megafreighter shipwrecks next to the Aeolian Islands. The crew abandons the ship and its cargo to its destiny, ecological disaster is inevitable. Unless the pirates of the Meteorina can salvage the situation, against all odds.

[May 2023] 🇪🇺 Snowstorm

A heavy snowfall engulfs the Mediterranean town of Gorgoglione, but its people are more than ready to save themselves!

[Mar 2022] 🇪🇺 Firefly

The quest of a young rebel to shine the lights of her city once again.

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