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A pre-feudal boreal valley, where humans and dragons live side by side... until armed invaders seek to seize their lands:
The spaceark Cyclica and its crew embark upon the Promise Project, a 120-years-long mission to Pluto and back:
A Neolithic continent, where humans have been barred from writing by the almighty velim.
Ryeles the Pastseeker and Left Hand Tesfaj unearth the glyphs of a forgotten past:
Solarpunk is being achieved by the struggles of all kinds of people from all over the world:

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In the current decade, publishing a book or story is increasingly hard. I refuse to become a vassal of Amazon's self-publishing platform, which is designed to keep authors shackled there under the fake promise of relevance and earnings. Instead, I chose to collect all my books and stories on this site, a platform of my own where everything is freely downloadable in every format you need. These stories are for everyone.

If you found this link on a QR code somewhere around the city, I invite you to read something and send me a mail with your opinions! I want to know who's curious enough to dive into the worlds I'm creating.

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